Episode 13 — The Promise of Event-Driven Architectures

In this episode, I discuss the rise of event-driven architectures and why they are important in enterprise architecture. I explain the basics of event-driven architectures, and I talk about advantages and disadvantages. And I compare event-driven architectures to other kinds of architectures.


Flow Architectures by James Urquhart, published in January 2021.

Building Event-Driven Microservices by Adam Bellemare, published in July 2020.

“What is an Event-Driven Architecture?” — A good article written by the Amazon Web Services Team.

“What is Event-Driven Architecture?” — A good article written by the Red Hat Team.

“Introduction to Event-Driven Architecture” by Kacey Bui, a Medium article published in February 2021.

“Event-Driven Architecture: This Time It’s Not A Fad” — A 2021 Forrester article by Senior Analyst David Mooter.

“The Shift to Event-Driven: Evolution, Benefits, and Competitive Advantages” by Matthew O'Riordan, published in April 2021.

“A Guide to Enterprise Event-Driven Architecture” by Karthik Sathyamurthy and Jaya Christina Baskaran.

Data-Driven vs Event-Driven Architectures — A 2018 blogpost on data-driven vs event-driven integrations.

Event-Driven vs. Request-Driven Architectures in Microservices by Anvita Bajpai, published in December 2020.

Request-Driven vs Event-Driven Architectures — A 2021 blogpost discussing the pros and cons of request-drive and event-driven architectures.

5 Architectural Patterns Compared by Alessio Pieruccetti, published in January 2020.

10 Common Software Architectural Patterns in a Nutshell by Vijini Mallawaarachchi, published in September 2017.

 Catalog of Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture — Martin Fowler’s catalog of patterns, last updated in 2003 (but still very relevant).


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